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Apr 17, 2013

What is unlocking?

Unlocking refers to removing the network restrictions on a phone so that the phone can be used with a SIM card from a different network. Unlocking enables you to cut all ties to your initial mobile network provider without replacing your mobile phone.
Most network carrier "lock" your phone so it works only with their specific SIM card, a chip in your handset, containing a serial number that identifies you to the network provider.
The only reason to lock the SIM is to ensure you use their service for an extended period of time. If you attempt to use an alternative SIM card in a locked phone, you will receive error messages, such as "SIM Card Not Accepted."
Unlocking enables you to use any SIM card on any network in your handset.

Unlocking Benefits:
  • Ability to use any SIM card on any network .Get the best value tariffs by swapping SIM cards to take advantage of the latest offers.
  • When traveling abroad, you can use a local SIM card and avoid paying roaming fees to your home carrier.
  • You can easily switch between SIM cards using the same phone.
  • If you want to resell your handset, unlocking will significantly increase its resale value because it can be used on more networks.
  • Increases the chance that your phone will be recycled. When recycled or donated phones reach their destination, many are thrown away because they cannot be used on local networks.
There are two main procedures for unlocking phones: by code and by USB. Selecting the right service depends on several factors: which codes you need to remove the type of lock on your phone, whether your phone has 0 attempts left to enter the correct unlock code, the availability of services for your phone model, delivery time, and price.At ,we will help you choose the right solution to unblock your phone.


  1. Nice sharing.I would like to share my personal experience.Unlocking
    means your phone is locked to one particular network.Then you can't use your phone with other network.So you have to unlock your phone.
    There are many ways available to unlock your phone.In my personal experience unlock code is the best and safe method to unlock your phone.

    Unlocking Benefits

    a) Switch to any other network : Once you unlock your phone you can switch to any other network and use the same phone.
    b) Cut roaming costs : With an unlocked phone, you can go to any country/state and save money by using a local network rather than paying high roaming costs to your home network.
    c) Higher resale value : Unlocked mobile phones generally have a higher resale value than a locked phone.

    To get unlock code visit
    .Here they ask you to provide Manufacturer Name, Model,Country name and service provider of your phone.Then you can get unlock code with free instructions.After unlocking it you can use your phone with any GSM network.This is reliable and secure.

  2. I came across your post and found exact information. Thanks for such a useful article!! I would also like to share my opinion that SIM unlocking, or network unlocking is just a way to allow your phone to use a different network than the one whose name is on the door where you bought it.

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